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OYO STATE Governor: Chief Bayo Alao-Akala (PDP) Contact: Information Technology Unit, Office of the Executive Governor, ...

Governor: Chief Bayo Alao-Akala (PDP)
Contact: Information Technology Unit,
Office of the Executive Governor,
P.M.B 5129, Secretariat Post Office,
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Tel: +234-2-8104939

Date Created: February 1976,

Capital: Ibadan

Main Towns: Ibadan, Ogbomosho, Oyo, Iseyin, Shaki Igboho, Kisi, Igbo-Ora, Okeho, Lalupon and Ileto.

Oyo State was created in February, 1976 and covers a total of 27,249 square kilometres of land mass. It is bounded in the south by Ogun State and in the north by Kwara State, in the west is bounded partly by Ogun State and partly by the Republic of Benin while in the east it is bounded by Osun State.

It consists of thirty two local government areas. These are: Afijo, Akinyele, Egbeda, Ibadan Central, Ibadan NorthEast, Ibadan South-West, Ibadan South-East, Ibarapa, Ido, Ifedapo, Ifeloju, Irepo, Iseyin, Kajola, Lagelu, Ogbomosho North, Ogbomosho South, Oyo West, Atiba, Atigbo, Saki East, Itesiwaju, Iwajowa, Ibarapa North, Iyamapo/Olorunsogo, Oluyole, Ogo-Oluwa, Surulere, Orelope, Orire, Oyo, Ona-Ara.

The state is homogenous and comprises the Oyos, the Ibadans and the Ibarapas, all belonging to the Yoruba family and speaking the same Yoruba language. People from within and outside the country trade and settle in the state mostly in the urban areas. The capital, Ibadan is reputed to be the largest city in Africa, south of the Sahara.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Oyo State. The climate in the state favours the cultivation of crops like maize, yam, cassava, millet, rice, plantains, cocoa, palm produce, cashew etc. There are a number of government farm settlements in Ipapo, Ilora, Eruwa, Ogbomosho, Iresaadu, Ijaiye, Akufo and Lalupon. There is abundance of clay, kaolin and aquamarine.

There are also vast cattle ranches at Saki, Fasola and Ibadan, a dairy farm at Moniya in Ibadan and the state-wide Oyo State Agricultural Development Programme with headquarters at Saki. A number of international and federal agricultural establishment are located in the state.

Educationally, the state has reached a level of advancement. There are 324 secondary schools, 1,576 public primary schools, five Technical Colleges located at Ogbomosho, Oyo, Saki, Ibadan and Igbo-Ora. Two Colleges of Education are located in Ibadan as well as the famous University of lbadan and Ladoke /Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho .There is also the Polytechnic, Ibadan with satellite campuses at Eruwa and Saki and Special Science Schools located within the state.

In the health sector, about ten percent of the state's annual budget is allocated to the health sector. A number of State Hospitals, Health Institutions and Health Care Centres are spread all over the state to provide adequate medical care for the citizens.

In the area of tourism, various centres of attraction are located in the state. These include: Agodi Gardens, Ad o-Awaye Suspended lake, Mapo Hall, University of lbadan Zoological Garden, Ido Cenotaph, Trans Amusement Park, Oke-Ogun National Park, Bowers Tower and the Cultural Centre, Mokola.

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