Mary Uranta

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Mary Uranta

Mary Uranta caused quite a stir at the last AMAA held in Yenegoa where some people started calling her Nollywood cowgirl.. But far and beyond her sense of style, the graduate of secretarial Admin from River State University of Science and Technology is an all round artiste who is making real waves in Nollywood since she featured in Girls Hoste...

Mary Uranta caused quite a stir at the last AMAA held in Yenegoa where some people started calling her Nollywood cowgirl..

But far and beyond her sense of style, the graduate of secretarial Admin from River State
University of Science and Technology is an all round artiste who is making real waves in Nollywood since she featured in Girls Hostel directed by Ndubisi Okoh. She speaks with Home video People.

First time in Nollywood

I have done about 18 movies or more. I started with Girls Hostel by Uche Jombo. At first I did not have the interest but my friends Azimina, Ebiere Oki advised that we all go for this audition. The first day, I was invited by the director to come take a role.

I said a capital No. Then the next day, the director says the same thing and I say no again. Then they all persuaded me to try the role. They clapped after, saying I did it well and I was given the role. I did it and that was how I started. Ebiere later gave up the interest while Azimina is acting but not fully now.


I have always loved the show and its business, I actually wanted to study Theatre or English but I never succeeded in JME so I went into secretariat admin. I didnít want to deviate from my course of study or try to get bothered about acting when I had my education to face. And I did and later returned to it. More so, my HOD was a very strong woman who wouldnít have loved to see me on TV.

If she did, she would have given me very great problems so I didnít want to go there so that I donít get into problems until I completed the course and would have all the time. Now I do have all the time.


I studied secretarial administration at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology RSUST, P.H. I didnít study acting anywhere but I have always loved to act and knew I loved it from my hearts However, I love to watch Ego Boyo she is a great actress and I look up to her I never one day felt I wanted to be like Ego Boyo but I like her style.


Because I donít work in an office, where I get paid every month I decided to look for something else to do yes, I do buying and selling of goods. I sometime travel to get these goods and you know you donít have to harsh your eggs in one basket so after I graduated I started a buying and selling, business where I buy dresses, watches, fashion accessories to sell.

Academic Accident?

I just did secretarial administration because I didnít want to lose more years while staying at home. I had an admission to study sociology in University P.H but I didnít go because I was waiting for a course in English. I also wanted another admission to do mass communication but didnít get it so I later went to study sec. admin because my time of staying at home was up. so I donít think I ever wanted to be a secretary for any reason.

An extra year?

I had a lot of problems which culminated in my having to spend an extra year in school and it was the movies that cost me these. So I said to myself, girl, stay put and letís see you graduate first before I make further steps. In the process, I did War of Rose, Paul & Silas, Ndubisi Okoh directed Girls Hostel, which I can say brought me out.

It was after this that I stopped until I completed school. I later got invited to do Silver Spoon in Lagos about a year later. I didnít make it. I was also called again for Church committee which I didnít also honor.

I spent two days in Onitsha and ran away. All these where after Girls Hostel, I didnít want to have a problem in school I was deeply afraid of my HOD. I gave up again until about 2 years before I was invited to Enugu for another one, The Wolves. Then I had completed school and service. I was invited again to do Corporate Runs.

I also stopped doing movie again because I had a little problem concerning my remunerations and all. It was painful having traveled all the way from Port Harcourt to Abuja and complete work and some one says weíll pay you later. I was indeed very pained so I stopped acting again. I almost died in the process. The Sosoliso crash missed me by the whiskers.

I left for P.H in the afternoon while the plane crashed in the evening, if I had been part of the unfortunate souls, it would have been that I went on a fruitless mission. Then Greg Fiberesima invited me to come and be part of a soap in Lagos.

He managed to convince me to be part. That was the opening of the doors for me again. After that, I got another invitation to do Secret Mission before AMACO called me to Owerri to do Holy Warder, Tea or Coffee, Divine Grace and others followed. Some of these were comedy but I do other kinds of movies as well. I do not want to be stereotyped.

Godís favour?

I think the industry is very volatile and only the favoured by God gets the leeway. Several people who started this industry did not get their fair share. Even my friend who invited me to audition are no longer in it full time.

So itís Godís favour that leads one on in a business like Nollywood. Like Uche Jombo who has been my close friend since Girls Hostel. She is my very close friend I have who is now like a sister to me in the industry.

I look up to her in every way. I like her style and she loves mine She has always been very good with her art but it is just in the nearest past that she started getting the benefits of her perseverance. It is only when God answers your prayer that you get the best I known. He would definitely answer for everyone.

Sexual harassment?

I donít know what you mean by that but I must tell you that several people talk about sexual harassment but I donít have such a story to tell. I donít want to talk about it because I have never had that experience.

There are those who wish to be harassed by men but not only in the movies. It is in all other professions but the movies show the celebrity world so every one wants to follow the glamour world that is infested with scandals.

There are those who want to share their goodies even when no one asks, it is a free world when you can do what ever you please. It all depends on you. Afterall you can like your producer naturally, you can fall in love naturally, you can decide to do what you want to do with your life. If you even give and you donít have talent, then what happens?

A lot of people have donated yet they are no where to day in the Nollywood scheme of things. If ever you are talented, only time will tell for you.


I like to stand out. Do you know that that my cowboy style at AMAA fetched me several movie roles? A certain director immediately cast me in his movie with the strict instruction to use that same costume. I like to wear anything that suits me and fits.

It only depends on the combination. On that day, I just went through my wardrobe and decided that the jeans, the top, the hat and the knee high shoes fit and I wore them only to see every one staring at me and cameras clicking away. I never had anything in mind, you would be shocked that I have never worn that attire anywhere else ever since.


I donít know anything about that, I have never gotten myself involved with that. I do not know, honestly. No body has approached me for that. It is not my style and I have never ever been involved in such things.

And thatís the truth. I have heard about that but never experienced it and canít talk about it. I have a boy friend for Christ sake. Apart from the fact that I am not lonely, it is not my way.

Kind of man?

I want my man, so cute and healthy looking I love men who are God fearing and would readily treat their fellow human beings the way they love to be treated. I want a man who could treat me like an angel and I will treat him as such as well.

Wedding bells?

I donít want to talk about this because it is Godís assignment and would be authorized by Him at His appointed time. And I want to tell you that all would hear about it. Weddings are not hidden affairs, are they? In Nigeria, there seem to be so much pressure on women to get married. But they forget it is Godís time there is no need to rush because it would come when it would come.

Nigerian men?

I donít know what to say oh, abeg. I am not a virgin but I donít know what to say about Nigerian men. What experience do I have with them to be able to talk about them? May be because my heart has never been broken before

Boy friend?

I have a boy friend and I donít like discussing him publicly because I donít want my relationship to crash. He is handsome, very humorous and he loves me too much, please letís leave him out of this.

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