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Anita Hogan

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Anita Hogan

Although she's been in Nollywood for sometime, many people did not know Anita Hogan until she took part in Gulder Ultimate Search. The Akwa Ibom born starlet says she does not get a lot of male admirers and many of the few who come her way just want to get between her legs. When did your journey in acting start? When I was a teenager ...

Although she's been in Nollywood for sometime, many people did not know Anita Hogan until she took part in Gulder Ultimate Search.

The Akwa Ibom born starlet says she does not get a lot of male admirers and many of the few who come her way just want to get between her legs.

When did your journey in acting start?

When I was a teenager way back in Kaduna before I went to the university, my dad asked me what I would love to be. I said I wanted to be an actress and he was furious that one of his three children wanted to be an irresponsible person. He is a PhD holder. But being an educated person, he understood that he did not need to twist my hand to do what I don't want to do. So I did not come into the industry by mistake. I had my first degree in Theatre Arts and I have always been part of stage drama.

When did you start professionally?
That was in 1999 when I was doing my youth service. I went for an audition for a sitcom called One Big Family. I was chosen to play a lead role among almost a thousand people and I think it was one of the signs by God that He is with me. I was working with DBN where I was doing my youth service then. But I took a three-year break when I realised that as a dark skinned person, you won't make wave in the industry until Genevieve came and broke that jinx.

Where did you work?

I worked with CAF as a Public Relation Officer and later, with a marketing company. The major reason I had to work was that my mother came down with a terrible stroke and I did not want her to die. I am the first child and I knew that I would lose my mum if I didn't do something urgently. The sacrifice was worth it because she is still alive.

How many lead roles have you played?

I don't want to spite God but I'm not this kind of person that hits it big form the beginning, everything in life I've had to start from the scratch. I started with one scene in Ordained. After that, Tarila Johnson heard me speak and he said I have good diction and he asked me to come for an audition; he gave me roles in Aristo, Silent for life, and Virgin Night Out. I was also in Immoral Act.

How often do you go on set?

Before I went for the Ultimate Search I was always on one set or another, but when I came back, people had been having a re-think before they called me. They are scared my fees would have gone up.

Tell us about your programme on TV

I have a programme called Entertainment Plus on MBI. It's been very nice though we are using our money to package the programme so that our dreams won't die.

You don't go on set regularly and your TV programme is not fetching you much money, how do you pick your bills?

I am one person that manages the little money I make. I've bought a lot of shares. I have a shop that sells entertainment goods.

What was your experience like after the Ultimate Search?

It is one event that changed my life completely; it is something that I will forever remember because it impacted something positive into my life. I met a lot of people at Nigerian Breweries. I met other contestants that are like brothers to me forever and I got to know about the most beautiful place on earth, the Obudu Ranch Resort. I've been there again to spend one week. I went for the event because of the adventure in me.

How much did you get from the show?

I left with approximately N500, 000.

Don't you think you need to do some form of modification so that you can get a lot of male admirers?

We are all different. I'm into more serious dealings. If a man is looking at me, he should have something to offer. What will make me different from every other girl is what he is going to get from me. If you don't have any positive influence in my life then why are you associating with me? Life is a serious matter.

What do you have to offer that every other girl doesn't have?

If a guy is wooing me basically it is from the angle of having intimacy with me. I'm looking forward to a serious relationship. If I were married would you be toasting me? You won' be disrespecting me by thinking you have to lay me. If you think I have no other thing to offer than sex you are disrespecting me.

Don't you think some guys want something more than sex?

Yes I know but in this our kind of job you don't know who is really serious. That is why I'm very close to God so that I can tell the difference between the chaff and the wheat. Most times when guys come it is for sex.

But if you don't give them a chance how will you know the serious?

That is why one needs to pray. For instance I've had two fans call me constantly and when I met them it was disappointing. They were immediately intimidated the moment I got there. They were each like 'I didn't know you are this tall.'

What will it take for you to say yes?

I shouldn't teach you. If you find me attractive it is natural. I like someone who is God-fearing, educated and someone who is large hearted. Please let's not make any mistake; I'm currently dating someone.

What were your days in school like?

It was tough because my father got an impromptu retirement from the military. It was a big struggle for me, the challenge made me finish up on time.

Did you date on campus?

When I got into university, I said I would not date a student so I ended up dating a working class person and I regretted it. But I dated a student later and it was beautiful.

How many guys have you dated?

Dating for me is not intimacy. I remember dating a guy for six months and there was no intimacy. Relationship doesn't have to involve sex to make it beautiful.

How many guys have had intimacy with?

Maybe, you will give me time to go home and calculate

I guess it was during your time with the medical doctor that you had your first sexual experience


Tell us about your current guy

He is more mature than I am. We are learning about each other. He is into IT and based in Europe.

You said you are closer to God now. Doesn't that prevent you from having sex?

We misunderstand God from what He expects of us. God is a fun person to be with. If He can accept a murderer, why won't He accept us? God understands even when we fall and sometimes you don't learn except from experience. For instance, I know of a husband and wife that lived in the same house for five years and did not have sex. The marriage eventually collapsed. Do you think married people do it everyday?

Don't you do it with your guy?

It is easy for me because he is based in Europe and only comes every now and then.

Nothing happens during those every now and then?

We've cuddled; we've kissed but no sex. You won't believe it. And we have been together for a year and half.

Filmography: Aristos, America Visa, Silent for life, Virgin Night Out, Immoral Act, Akanchawa, I want my Money, Jack Knife, Runs, Taking Chances

*Update* Anita has been banned for now due to the Nude Picture scandal

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